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For the contact phone number you may enter a DSN, a commercial or a cell phone number. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

Note reoccurring dates in the Event/Program Details section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly.

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Please contact the Force Support Marketing Department at DSN (509) 247 - 5302 for print & promotion rates prior to submitting this form.

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Marketing Requests
No request will be processed before 10 business days. Marketing work orders are completed as time permits. If you have a shortened timeline, please let us know.

Sponsorship Requests
Should be submitted for Annual Calendar approval in July prior to the year requested. You may also make a ticket here to be considered at the Monthly Event Meeting. Only FSS Facilities are eligible to receive Commercial Sponsorship.

(Please click here in order to fill in the Sponsorship Request Form Please fill it out and send it to the Sponsorship coordinator.

After Action Report
Submit no later than five business days after a major event. Be sure to include financial details and photos.

(Please click here for a After Action Report)

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Rush Orders

Any project requires A MINIMUM of TEN business days to process. Any request that has a turnaround date of less than 10 business days will be reviewed by the Marketing Director. To submit a rush order click on the "Submit Marketing Request Ticket" button on the homepage Then, select "Rush Order" on the "Please choose your facility or most applicable" page.

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